Honeycomb by MACG Productions is a budget-friendly consulting and personal support service for budding entrepreneurs, independent artists, niche brands, and the like.

Project Based Services

Starting at $27

  • Team Organization – Honeycomb can help you organize a reliable group of volunteers or freelancers to spread the word about your event; consultation included.

  • Team Development – Honeycomb offers fully customizable courses via MACG Productions’ Successful U! platform to train your current and future team members on various topics such as creative writing, company policies, and more.

  • Business Plan Writing – Create a dynamic and impactful business plan.

  • Media Kit Design – Design a memorable digital and printable document that highlights your/your business’ accomplishments and affiliations.

  • Proposal Writing – Catch the attention of potential sponsors and investors with an amazing proposal or presentation showing your/your company’s unique color.

  • Document Design – Create professional documents and presentations for your business or personal needs.

Personalized Services

Starting at $50

  • Brand Building – Honeycomb’s personalized plan to build your brand’s identity is perfect for new entrepreneurs just starting to build on a business idea with a limited budget.

  • Graphic/Logo Revision – Refresh your brand’s image while maintaining familiarity with your current customer base without breaking the bank with two reiterations of your current logo by Honeycomb.

  • SEO Plan – Honeycomb can assess your current SEO rankings and  provide a personalized plan to elevate your rankings. A detailed assessment of the results is included.

  • Personal Development – Learn some skills to maintain your business or projects such as web site design, photography, writing,  interviewing, and more.