Share what you love with the world by joining one of the unique communities of creatives under MACG Productions. Unless otherwise stated, all opportunities are remote (online).

Available Positions

Description: Writers to create appealing and engaging content about music, art, fashion, or gaming. Digital Journalists may be expected to attend local events or activities related to publication focus and produce articles related to said event within 24 hours of attendance. Must be able to adhere to a posting schedule. The ability to write a quality content and utilize internal resources fullyis essential. Excellent communication skills are a must. Must be able to commit to submitting a minimum of two articles a week with a word count of at least 250. Must be able to attend bi-weekly team meetings and monthly community meetings. 

The Needs: Accessible, motivated and engaging. Excellent candidates are comfortable taking initiative to complete tasks, are self-disciplined, and experienced communicating with others in a virtual space. Exceptional candidates are overflowing with creative ideas and happy to jump in to new projects. 

The Wants: Someone who is witty with an appreciation for life and a passion for writing. Someone who is open-minded to opportunities for growth and willing to make an effort towards their own success with the proper support.

Writing samples and/or s portfolio will be requested. Get ahead of the game by submitting a writing sample with on the topic(s) of interest below:

  • Music
  • Art (Performing & Visual)
  • Fashion 
  • Gaming

Description: Primary responsibilities include capturing new clients for all advertising spaces on MACG Productions digital publications, coordinating all advertising related activities and resolving billing inquiries. Must be able to coordinate and interact with creative teams in making advertising campaigns for clients’ products or services. Duties also include maintaining the customer databases and initiating best practices in lead generation coordination. Candidate must work well alone or in teams, can meet or exceed project deadlines, and be creative in completing tasks. 

The Needs: Someone who can lead, but is also comfortable with following. Is able to build trustworthy relationships and deliver on promises. Being team driven is an absolute must with a mindset that success is for the whole team not just individually. 

The Wants: Charismatic, engaging and fun personality that draws people in. A social butterfly that isn’t afraid to talk first. Not afraid of rejection and understands how to use social media to an advantage.

The Needs: Should have some experience with a graphics computer program(s). Must have strong creative thinking and problem-solving skills. Experience with digital media, print production, and web design are required. Comfortable receiving communication either written or verbal. Design versatility. Designing complete multi-media campaigns that include web and print ads, email blasts and landing pages, social media graphics, merchandising and websites. Must be able to commit to deadlines and projects until completion.

Samples of work and/or portfolio will be requested.

The Wants: Very positive attitude, planning abilities, ability to work quickly and occasionally produce quality work within short time frames. Able to visualize project based on verbal or written descriptions. Ability to work independently and make decisions. Confident.

The Needs: Ability to commit to a minimum of 10 hours a week (7 days).  Time management skills, excellent written and verbal skills. Thorough knowledge of the current demographic. Ability to identify trends and changes in the market and act upon them. Ability to communicate directly with the target audience. Must be familiar with SNS, appropriate terminology relative to each site. Ethical.

Samples or work may be requested.

​ Great attitude, social butterfly with a keen interest in music, arts, and entertainment. Creative and witty.

Description: Willing collaborator with skills in cutting, editing, and syncing audio. Ability to use multiple editing tools such as Photoshop and Adobe, as well as determine which tool will produce the best quality output. Highly organized, attentive to detail and able to receive and interpret written or verbal instruction  

The Needs: Great communication skills and willingness to learn. Must be able to commit to projects until completion. Must own your own computer and products (Adobe, Final Cut Pro etc.)

The Wants: Artistic and creative, passionate and driven, open-minded, patient.

  • Being a member of MACG Community has many amazing opportunities. It’s given me a lot of opportunities as a video editor as well as a content creator.

    Robyn Rush Profile Image

    Robyn Rush

    Videographer, YouTuber
  • This Community was filled with individuals who inspired me. I jumped at the opportunity to join so I could learn from them to be a better content creator.

    Junali Ventanilla Profile Image

    Junali Ventanilla

    Social Media Coordinator, YouTuber
  • MACG Productions has given me the ability to branch out, not only in my writing, but also into show directing, show production, music production, and some design areas.

    TJ Cummings Profile Image

    TJ Cummings

    Look and Hue Editor, Music Producer
  • This community brought me to a new enjoyment of K-pop and introduced me to some great new people.

    Shailaja Marion Profile Image

    Shailaja Marion

    MACG Magazine Editor, Writer
  • MACG Productions has given me the opportunity to connect with people from outside my residential area and gave me the opportunity to expand my experience in the events field.

    Lonnie Pauls Abbreviation

    Lonnie Pauls

    KPSN Coordinator

Closed Positions

The needs: Perfect for novices and hobbyist with an interest in music, art, and entertainment or someone looking to build a portfolio. Need to understand picture formats to include RAW, TIF, and JPEG. Ability to take colorful, fun, natural-light photos or understand how to best utilize available lighting to produce the best result. Can take quality photos of motion and motionless subjects. Eagle eye to capture unique viewpoints and images. Must have own photography equipment.

Samples of work and/or portfolio will be requested.

The wants: Familiarity with editing tools such as Photoshop. Friendly with the ability to communicate well with others.

The needs: Dependable, flexible and trustworthy. Comfortable with taking the lead on minor projects and providing status reports, team updates or etc. Excellent written and verbal skills, time management. Activities might include setting up the venue for the event, performing various tasks during the event, and cleaning up and repacking equipment at the end of the event. During a typical event, you might be asked to work in a booth, distribute material, etc. Preparing for and working an event could require up to 10 hours per week, but events may not be scheduled every week.

The wants: Great attitude and happy disposition. Can follow instructions and work independently if need be.

The needs: Assist Event Promoters with minor tasks to ensure that events run smoothly, such as maintaining documents, confirming guests, performing various tasks during the event, and cleaning up and repacking equipment at the end of the event.

The wants: Great attitude and happy disposition. Can follow instructions and work independently if need be.​