The MACG Community is a collective of content creators who are educated on brand enhancement through individual and group training and development initiatives.

Ashley C. Griffin Abbreviation

Ashley Griffin

Creative Director
Founding Member

Natasha Pipkins Abbreviation

Natasha Pipkins

HR & Consulting Director
Founding Member

Kristina Cortez

Founding Member

Jessica Gullasch

Founding Member

DeShonda Thigpen

Community Development Manager
Member Since 2015

Sara Layne Abbreviation

Sara Layne

Kimchibytes Managing Editor
Member Since 2015

Junali Ventanilla Abbreviation

Junali Ventanilla

Audience Communications
Member Since 2016

TJ Cummings Abbreviation

Terrence Cummings

Look & Hue Managing Editor
Member Since 2017

Lonnie Pauls Abbreviation

Lonnie Pauls

Member Since 2017

Jazzmyn Moses Abbreviation

Jazzmyn Moses

Recruitment Coordinator
Member Since 2019

Grace Gnasigamany Abbreviation

Grace Gnasigamany

Assa! 아싸! Awards Lead
Member Since 2018

Matthew Gonzalez Abbreviation

Matthew Gonzalez

Member Since 2018

Cy White Abbreviation

Cy White

MACG Magazine Managing Editor
Member Since 2017